“Aside from the great customer service and how knowledgeable they were, I would recommend Noro IP for the simple fact that they fit into my budget.”

Krista Milich, University of Illinois
Department of Anthropology

US Patent Search | Patent Valuation | Patent Validity

US Patent and Patent Search Services

Noro IP provides professional patent services for attorneys, inventors and businesses worldwide.


Patent Validity and Invalidity Search

Let us help you discover whether a patent is valid or invalid.


Patent Search & Patentability Search

We'll research patent databases to help you determine your chances of obtaining a patent.


Patent Application & Filing Services

Let us help you apply for a patent through a provisional or non-provisional filing.



Why trust Noro IP?

Noro IP employees are registered patent agents and attorneys of the USPTO

  • We understand the business of patents. Founded by two former United States Patent and Trademark Office Examiners, Noro IP has worked on patents for Fortune 500 companies, prestigous law firms, and small inventors. We also provide work for the USPTO Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) contract. See our client list.
  • We have a network of patent attorneys skilled in all technology areas. Noro IP's unique network of patent attorneys allows us to pick the most skilled patent attorney in the filed your invention falls in. Our experience and propriety system allows us to match each client up with the patent attorney most likely to get their patent approved! 
  • We eliminate the hassle-factor in patent research. Noro IP provides 2-minute online ordering, FREE confidential consultations, and flat-fee prices listed directly on our website.
  • We do the hard work and provide the patent expertise for you. We produce the most thorough search reports in the industry, featuring our proprietary reporting tool, the Noro IP Patent Comparison MatrixTM.
  • We are a one-stop shop for IP services. Noro IP offers patent searches, patent application drafting, an IP job & resume directory for patent agents and attorneys, an IP news blog, and are developing patent tools for prior art searches. We have it all under one roof for busy inventors and professionals. Learn more about the Noro IP Advantage now.

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