Spy Patents: Secrets Behind the US-Russia Spy Swap


In light of the recent US-Russia Spy Swap, I thought I’d check out some patented items that might be used in the infamous profession filled with secrecy and trickery. US Patent 6,614,422 showed one tool that I could actually envision a modern spy using.

US Patent 6614422 is a method and apparatus for entering data using a virtual input device. In plain language, it’s an invisible keyboard which can be used (by a spy?) to send data back to home base. You can send what you’ve typed back to a PDA, cell phone, computer for on-the-go transmission of spy secrets. The patent states:

A sensor captures three-dimensional positional information as to the location of the users fingers in relation to where keys would be on an actual keyboard. This information is processed with respect to finger locations and velocities and shape to determine when virtual keys have been struck.


This past month’s FBI arrest of 10 Russian sleeper spies and the subsequent spy swap between the US and Russia for 4 Americans charged with espionage in Russia has renewed interest in topic of spies – and especially in the glamour behind the profession. It’s hard to actually imagine Anna Chapman, the 28-year-old divorcee and business protoge, using spy technology like US Patent 6614422 to transmit sensitive secrets. Her primary alleged assignment was to get involved in circles with policy-makers and send the information back to Russia on possible recruits.

In any case, it seems that Russian and US spies - and our fascination with them - are here to stay. Angelina Jolie's newest movie, Salt, will be hitting theaters July 23. Jolie plays a US CIA agent who comes under suspicion as a Russian mole. Already, there have been tons of comparisons between Jolie and Chapman. Whether real-life spies ever live the kind of lives we see in the movies is debatable. But if I were you, I'd keep my eyes peeled for a virtual input device to make an appearance in the new movie, Salt.


What do you think about the Anna Chapman-Angelina Jolie comparison? 

July 12, 2010

Category: Crazy Inventions, IP Current Events


10/04/2010 20:21:12

This invention seems other-worldly...I definitely want to see it put to use in Salt...

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