Celebrity Patents: Harry Houdini Diver's Suit - Patent 1,370,316

Harry Houdini holds a patent for his Diver Suit inventionFamous magician, Harry Houdini, was more than just an extraordinary magician; he also was an inventor and has a patent to his name.

On March 1, 1921, Houdini was granted a patent for a new and improved diving suit. The diving suit allowed the diver to divest himself of the suit quickly while being submerged. This allowed the diver to swiftly and safely escape and reach the surface of the water. The suit was also the first diving suit that enabled the wearer to take off or put on the suit without assistance.

Harry Houdini Patent 1,370,316 Diver's Suit

The trick to the suit was that it was formed in two parts, with a latch for locking the two parts together in the middle. The diver simply had to reach this latch and the two pieces would come apart. Obviously this type of suit would greatly assist Houdini while performing one of his underwater acts.

Below can be seen one of Houdini's most famous stunts, "the suspended straitjacket escape".



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November 5, 2009

Category: Celebrity Patents, Crazy Inventions, Obscure Patent Info

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