Everyone Should Know How To File A Patent

It is important for everyone involved in patent technology to know how to file a patent and conduct a patent search. Even though there are thousands, if not millions, of patents granted you want to conduct a thorough patent search to protect yourself and your company in the future from a patent infringement lawsuit.

Why A Patent Search Is So Important

Recently Oracle has been in the news because they are suing Google for patent infringement. Both companies have been in litigation to prove or disprove the patent infringement claim. Oracle claims Google is infringing upon two patents Oracle acquired when they purchased the company Sun. The patent infringement is regarding their Java search platform and they claim that instead of Google licensing the software from Oracle they decided to create their own platform using the Java programming language.

Google’s top engineer, Andy Rubin, has claimed that as an engineer he does not know about the thousands of patents already granted and therefore was unaware of the Sun’s patents regarding the Java programming language. Rubin claims that he doesn’t like to go over another company’s patents or inventions while creating his own because he does not want to be influenced by the information.

Even as an engineer it is important to know how to file a patent properly and what steps need to be taken to ensure you are not infringing upon someone else’s patent. This lawsuit is taking time and money from both companies, and if Oracle wins they will be able to sue Google for the profits and money Google earned while using the specific technology under Oracle’s patent protection. Google could also have to suspend all usage of the technology, therefore costing them on the products already downloaded with the software.

The Importance of A Patent Firm

This is a good reason for any company, small or large, to confer with a patent firm regarding their inventions and/or patent questions. A patent firm has experienced patent agents and attorneys that know what to look for and how to file a patent, while conducting the proper patent searches that could help protect an inventor or a company from future lawsuits.

May 16, 2012

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