January 1, 1970


10/03/2009 14:54:27

I actually had heard about that what do you think are Twitter's chances of a successful defense?

10/03/2009 15:19:44

I looked at the video and I slowed it down as much as possible but I couldn't see the "pegs" in the ground that attached to their shoes.

IP Unlimited
10/03/2009 15:32:53

I looked over the TechRadium patents listed in the blog and it reads almost exactly what Twitter does. Doesn't look good for Twitter to me.

10/03/2009 16:31:07

The hole in the bottom of the shoes doesn't look secure enough to hold a person leaning that far to me.

10/03/2009 16:41:06

looks like the peg would lock in place to me.

10/03/2009 16:45:36

Maybe the reason you can't see the peg in the video is because he altered the way his shoes worked sometime after he got the patent. It could be magnetic locking or something else.

10/03/2009 16:49:28

Twitter must have known this was coming. They came from no where to one of the top 25 websites in the world. Some how, someone out there was going to try to sue them for patent infringement.

10/03/2009 16:49:45

Just because they move up in the world shouldn't mean they are going to get sued. That's silly logic to me.

10/12/2009 19:30:00

I think we need to alert the Department of Labor on this!

10/25/2009 00:52:44

Even in the unlikely event that there had been patent infringement, there's no way another performer could have filled MJ's shoes.

03/25/2010 08:51:00

We have different problems in life and that's why life without it is impossible.Of course,in this article one should really justify his right over something because we have the law to take care of it.I remember the lawsuit filed by Lady Gaga's ex boyfriend.She was sued because of not paying her boyfriend what she ought to pay as her career is in the pinnacle of success.Well I guess,it's too personal because Lady Gaga didn't like him at all and he just make an issue so there's something to talk about of her past lover.It looks like Stefani Germanotta should probably get a lawyer - although, since she goes by Lady Gaga, I don't think she'll need to run for payday advances to afford one. Her former boyfriend and producer, manager, whatever, Rob Fusari, is suing her, and the subject of the lawsuit is whether she owes him for assisting to launch her career. If it's demonstrably provable he did, then probably she owes him a bit. If he wrote her songs, he's owed royalties - although I believe the ASCAP manages that. I wonder what's going to be the result of this bad relationship.

07/07/2010 17:29:42

My opinion? It's neither abuse nor genius - just purely hilarious!

07/26/2010 22:08:04

I always thought that the safety of scuba diving is entirely predicated on training the user what to do in an emergency situation. How can a dog check its air levels? There is also a system of weights to compensate for the dog’s buoyancy.

10/04/2010 20:15:45

i was blown away by the news feed in 06! it still creeps me out a little but i also like that it keeps me well connected!

10/04/2010 20:21:12

This invention seems other-worldly...I definitely want to see it put to use in Salt...

10/07/2010 01:41:10

The movie was excellent! I'm actually going to see it again! Facebook's gonna have a lot of patents too. I didn't realize how innovatiive they are!

10/07/2010 03:24:53

it was an invasion and still is...the online world is a scary place

10/18/2010 20:36:24

Technically, those aren't laces and I think I've seen a different non-Nike brand elsewhere on the Internet. Can't wait to see them in 2015 though.

10/18/2010 20:44:11

This is a clever idea, but I'm not always interested in the things my friends are clicking on. Sometimes I feel like Facebook is not simple enough anymore.

10/18/2010 20:58:52

The first riding mower not pulled by animals, I suppose? I see how this could be practical, but I don't remember ever seeing one in use in the 80's.

11/08/2010 20:56:07

I've already emailed mine in! I'm pretty confident mine is quite a unique Thanksgiving patent. I doubt anyone else will find it.

11/15/2010 21:21:34

Dippin' Dots should have been a little smarter about their patent. However, many companies critically evaluate their competitors patents in order to claim patent invalidity and then be able to utilize that patent or patent process. It's smart but it's unethical, if you ask me.

11/15/2010 21:26:41

Thank you for outlining the patent process in an easy-to-understand way. This is a great "study guide" for anyone who is unfamiliar with the process and looking to obtain a patent.

11/23/2010 10:04:24

You will find many "classic" Thankgiving dishes. In only the last few generations, a green bean casserole recipe has been included with that list. The green bean casserole formula has remained practically the exact same. It was first developed by the Campbell's Soup business. You can get more flavor in a green bean casserole with just a couple extra steps.

11/29/2010 20:57:59

I love reading your clever blogs, Noro IP. I have been interested in patent blogs ever since I attempted to file a patent about five years ago. A freedom to operate search saved me a lot of time and money when it proved that what I had invented was already patented.

11/29/2010 21:36:49

The same thing actually happened to me, jackala. Thank goodness for freedom to operate searches!! They make the whole patent process easier!!!

11/30/2010 00:20:34

I didn't know Dippin' Dots lost their patent? How are their competitors even making money? No one's ever heard of them...

11/30/2010 23:51:20

the story of dippin dots is so interesting...i wonder waht other sciences can be combined with foods to make new things?!?!

12/01/2010 15:24:43

a chance for free starbucks? im in.

01/02/2011 04:27:39

Haha. The idea amuses me but I probably would not. That's too out there! :)

01/09/2011 19:28:19

I would definitely be brave enough - it sounds like a blast :)

01/14/2011 19:57:57

I didn't know this about him - quite interesting. I don't play any instruments sadly but I can imagine how helpful his invention would be!

02/04/2011 06:52:41

was a winner announced yet? :)

02/04/2011 20:33:17

Congrats on the nomination! :)

02/07/2011 16:50:23

Thanks Dee! We're really pleased with it.

02/09/2011 16:18:39

She is trying to move into more of a celebrity in my opinion. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears I can see. Even Kate Gosselin. But Sarah Palin?? It makes me kind of take her less seriously as a politician...

lilcherrygirl at hotmail dot com

02/10/2011 00:57:01

Thanks for the head's up. I will bring this to my friend's attention - she works at a law firm in Ohio. Not sure what her specialty is though!

02/10/2011 00:58:09

I think Sarah Palin seems like a nice lady but she needs to cool it. I don't think people are THAT interested in her these days - she keeps making a fool of herself unfortunately. Not good for a political career!

03/04/2011 20:08:44

this is really helpful! sometimes patent terms overwhelm me because there are so many but this list is nice, organized, and clear!

03/09/2011 18:33:20

Note - the comment doesn't have to be made on a blog dated between Feb and Marhc. It can be made on earlier blog posts as well.

03/29/2011 14:23:47


03/29/2011 14:30:51


03/29/2011 16:34:41

We're glad to be in Cleveland! Great town!

04/19/2011 14:24:47

i hear that congress has redirected the PTO fees to unrelated expenses once in a while too, which doesn't seem fair. both that they have the authority to do so, but also that the PTO client fees aren't even going to intel prop related expenditures.

04/20/2011 19:31:55


04/20/2011 19:34:18

We buy houses
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04/29/2011 22:54:31

I hope it works out!

04/29/2011 22:56:54

The Letters Patent is an interesting concept - never heard of that one before!

04/29/2011 23:01:50

this chart is interesting - of course it all depends on individual cases.

08/29/2011 20:46:23


12/19/2011 21:48:30

I think with so many people trying to come up with new and unique ideas you really need more invention help to make sure that what you have really is one of a kind. Not to mention getting help patenting it as you mentioned so that no one else can steal it. Thanks for the advice!

04/30/2013 13:06:51

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07/19/2013 05:53:35

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08/26/2013 06:12:48

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01/22/2018 18:03:48

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