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As an inventor you probably have dreamed of getting a patent on your idea.  Learning how to file a patent is not as easy as you may think.  There is a long process and many papers to fill out.  You should have a good understanding of how to file a patent correctly before you start the process.  If you fail to comply with the regulations the US Patent and Trademark Office will reject your patent application and you could end up with a mess more costly than if you had hired legal help from the beginning.  There are many different scenarios where the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) may reject your application on the basis of a formality or someone else already having invented a similar invention.  You can choose to hire a patent attorney, who knows how to file a patent, or you can choose to learn how to file a patent yourself. 

Conduct A Patent Search First

Before you begin the process you want to conduct a patent search to ensure your idea is really new and not “prior art”.  Your patent application will be rejected if there is already a patent for a similar product, also it is possible that you could end up with an infringement lawsuit if you do not perform proper due diligence.  Once a patent search is complete you will have a good indication if your idea is truly new and whether you should start the process of learning how to file a patent.  In your application, you want to use proper language and clear, precise words that anyone reading your application will understand.  Your application could be rejected if the USPTO fails to understand what your invention is and how it works.  As part of the patent application you will have to draw a precise drawing of your new invention.  You want your drawing to be clean and each part labeled clearly.  The inventor’s oath is the second part of your new patent application.  Since you did a patent search you will be able to honestly say you believe yourself to be the very first inventor of your idea.

After you have completely finished the process on how to file a patent, you are able to submit it to the USPTO for review.  Do not be discouraged if you get a rejected application, it happens to the best of them.  Just make the required revisions and reapply.  There are additional fees for resubmitting your new patent application, but it is well worth the effort when you do finally get approved.  So keep your dreams high and take the time to learn how to file a patent so you can start making money on your new invention.    

Should you require assistance in drafting your patent application you can contact one of the patent specialist at Noro IP by calling 800-605-6993 or emailing PatentSpecialist@NoroIP.com.

March 9, 2012

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