Patent Services and Other Intellectual Properties

Hiring a patent firm could help you with learning how to file a patent, trademark, or copyright on business designs, technology, and sometimes even an idea. The point of hiring a patent firm in the beginning is to protect yourself, your company, and/or your invention. Most patent services are meant to establish rights for a certain idea, invention, or technology to an individual or company.

When To Hire A Patent Firm

You do not have to hire a patent firm for patent services; it is possible for an individual to do it on their own. Of course, the process is long and requires some legal expertise to properly know how to file a patent. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has all the necessary documentation for filing a patent application and conducting the various patent services needed, but there are thousands of patents granted on a daily basis and it could be difficult to know where to look for everything.

A patent application has many different parts and requires detailed description in both the wording and drawing sections to make sure the technology is fully under patent protection. Going with a patent firm could help with creating 3D drawings and precise labels for each piece and specific parts of the technology or invention. A patent firm also knows how and where to conduct a patent search for “prior art” and could help your company during an infringement lawsuit with proper documentation.

Other Patent Services

A patent firm offers many different patent services to help protect the interest of companies and individuals. From the patent validity search to the freedom to operate search, each patent service is rendered by experts.


May 24, 2012

Category: Patent Basics | Tags: patent firm, patent services

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