Tavern on the Green Trademark Lawsuit in New York

Tavern on the Green a popular restaurant in New York City is in a legal battle over its name this week after both the restaurant and the City both claim ownership of the name which some estimate is worth more than $15 million.


Tavern on The Green Restaurant

The City of New York is trying to stop the Leroy family, which currently owns the name “Tavern on the Green,” from continuing its business or opening or operating other establishments with the trademarked name.

The issue stems from a bankruptcy protection filing by the restaurant owners in September, which itself resulted from the city granting a new lease to the property to another company.

The city claims it began licensing the restaurant under the name in 1934. It also says the current operator trademarked the name without receiving permission from the city in 1976.

There are two active trademarks to “Tavern on the Green”:

Serial Number 73182614 (Reg. Number 1154270) which was registered on May 12, 1981, to Tavern on the Green Composed of Leroy Adventures, inc. and Hardwicke’s Tavern Limited.


Serial Number 77153794 (Reg. Number 3494658) which was registered on September 2, 2008, to Tavern on the Green Limited Partnership Leroy Adventures Inc. and resulted from a change in registration.

October 30, 2009

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03/25/2010 08:51:00

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