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VIDEO: What is a Patent Search?

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VIDEO: Who Needs a Patent Search? - There are many different kinds of patent searches available. This video explains some of the common users of patent research and what the purpose of doing patent research may be.




VIDEO: Achieve Success with Noro IP - Just a fun little teaser and a play on words with "search."






VIDEO: Client Story - University of Illinois PhD candidate discusses how Noro IP saved her time and money when she was considering getting a patent for a device she invented during the course of her research.





VIDEO: Noro IP Patent Search Report - Product Demo
In this video we break down each one of the components of our top-notch patent search report and explain how we do patent searches. A must-watch for any new client looking to order a Patentability, Freedom to Operate, Validity or Infringement Search! Learn more about Noro IP's patent research services.




VIDEO: What is a Prior Art / Patentability Patent Search? - A Patentability Search will give you a clear indication of your chances at obtaining a patent for your invention. This video explains how a Prior Art search is performed. We search all the patent information available in top-notch databases, journals, and free literature to discover whether someone else has already obtained patent rights to parts or all of your invention. Learn more.




VIDEO: What is a Freedom to Operate Patent Search? - A Freedom to Operate Search is intended to discover any potential patent barriers to the commercialization of a product, process, or invention. This video explains the 3 patent limitations that you may work around to obtain Freedom to Operate with a certain patented technology. Learn more.





VIDEO: What is a Patent Validity Search? - Sometimes patent officials make mistakes when granting a patent. A Validity Search will discover whether a patent was granted in error (and can be claimed "invalid") or whether a patent is strong and valid. This video gives 3 examples of situations where a Validity Search may be neccessary. Learn more.
VIDEO: What is a Patent Infringement Search? - Patent Infringement is a serious legal situation. Patents grant the owner exclusive rights to make, sell, or license the invention for a period of 20 years. If another entity is infringing on those rights, the patent holder may choose to take that entity to court. Learn more.