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Patent Analyst – Computer Engineering

Job Type: Full time
Company/Firm: Landon IP, Inc.
Location: Alexandria, VA
Date posted: 09/24/10
Salary: Salary dependent on experience
Job Description:
The Company

Landon IP specializes in professional patent and trademark searches, patent analytics and business intelligence. We monitor patents, trademarks, corporations, inventors, and industries and provide technical consulting to major corporations and law firms worldwide. We sell patent and trademark information on paper and in electronic formats. The company is headquartered in Alexandria, VA and has approximately 115 employees serving over 9000 clients.

Landon IP has a long and rich history in the retrieval and analysis of patent and trademark information dating back to 1949. Landon IP provides a casual and relaxed work environment focused on delighting our customers and continuously exceeding their expectations. A hands-on training program focuses on developing knowledge and skills while allowing new employees to immediately produce results. The company prides itself on communication with employees, assisting employees in development of their knowledge and skills, and helping employees identify and create opportunities for growth within the company.

Job Description

§ Strategically perform searches relating to patentability (novelty), validity, freedom-to-operate and infringement

§ Communicate effectively with customers in determining the scope of searches and draft informative reports that clarify and summarize search results

§ Maintain proficiency with commercial patent databases and other proprietary databases that disclose technical publications.

§ Conduct long-term patent landscape studies to identify trends in a technology field, deliver competitive intelligence and identify potential research and licensing opportunities

§ Perform Evidence-Of-Use studies by analyzing products currently used in the market that may be infringing on a patent of interest

§ Perform qualitative analysis of patents and patent portfolios from a legal, technical and business perspective

Job Requirements

Previous patent examining or patent searching experience preferred

Bachelors Degree and experience in one of the following areas:

Electrical Engineering: Semiconductor structure and manufacture, solid state memory, nanotechnology devices and fabrication, electrical circuits and components.

Electrical Communications:

Cellular, mobile and wireless communications; networking; CDMA, OFDM, digital communications; computer engineering degree preferred; OR

Video/audio encoding, image compression technologies, signal transmission and processing.

Business Methods: E-Commerce, insurance services, banking/financial products (i.e., such as loans, savings accounts, checking accounts, sweep accounts, certificate of deposit accounts, FDIC regulations, internet banking), credit card/smart card technology, investment products and services (i.e. stocks, bonds, options, derivatives, mutual funds, money market funds)


Cryptography including encryption, algorithms, hash functions, watermarking; Software including computer programming, compilers, firmware, video games, operating system, servers; Databases/File Management including indexing, memory allocation, file management applications, knowledge based systems, object database (OQL), OR

Hardware including chips, graphics and media cards, memory (RAM/ROM), drives, I/O devices, buses; Computer Architecture including blocks, registers, flip-flops, MUX, DEMUX, clocks, logic implementation; Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) including graphics, interface design, software/hardware communication

In-depth knowledge of technical literature in the area of subject matter expertise

Highly skilled developing a search methodology and in conducting searches

Strong time management skills and dependable in completing quality projects against deadlines

Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills

Possible Contract positions available for experienced patent searchers.

How to Apply

Please submit a resume and cover letter detailing your patent searching experience, areas of technical expertise and salary requirements to . Please reference the position title in your email subject line.

Necessary Experience: 2+ to 5 Years
Contact: to view the full job listing please visit–-Computer-Engineering-Job-Alexandria-VA-US-90969231.aspx

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