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Patent Counsel - Large Corporation - Downers Grove, Ill.(Updated)

Job Type: Full time
Company/Firm: HP Legal Department
Location: Downers Grove, IL
Date posted: 11/03/10
Salary: Salary dependent on experience
Job Description:

This position is in the Patent Development group of the HP Legal Department and is available at the following locations: Downers Grove, IL; Herndon, VA; Houston, TX; Plano, TX; Palo Alto, CA; and Murray Hill, NJ.

1. Preparing and prosecuting strategic, high quality patents protecting HP's products and services
2. Working closely with HP scientists and engineers to identify and protect inventions that are important to HP
3. Actively participating in HP's invention disclosure review process to help assure that HP's best inventions are identified and patented
4. Participating from time to time as a member of a cross-functional team to provide support in licensing, litigation, or other matters

The successful candidate is expected to possess all of the following qualifications:

1. Registration to practice before the USPTO
2. Undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Physics
3. JD degree from an accredited university
4. Admission to a state bar
5. 1-9 years experience as a patent attorney
6. Excellent written and spoken English
7. Strong academic credentials
8. Ability to work with clients in a team-oriented partnership to help them arrive at elegant solutions to their problems
9. Flexibility to accept new and different challenges in a fast paced, high tech environment
10. Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
11. A positive attitude
12. A creative spirit

Additional Info:Employer Type: Large CorporationJob Location: Downers Grove, IL, Herndon, VA; Houston, TX; Plano, TX; Palo Alto, CA; and Murray Hill, NJ.Posted on November 02, 2010 at 10:14 AM in - US - MidAtlantic and South, - US - Midwest, - US - Silicon Valley & SF, - US - Southwest, - US - West, Emp - Corporate (in-house), Tech - EE / CompSci, Tech - Mech / Aero, Work - Licensing / Other Corporate, Work - Patent Prosecution

Necessary Experience: N/A
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