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Intellectual Property Sales and Licensing Manager

Job Type: Full time
Company/Firm: Edison Nation LLC
Location: Charlotte, NC
Date posted: 11/07/10
Salary: From $63,000 to $73,000
Job Description:
Edison Nation ( is a leading Web 2.0 community for independent inventors and trusted platform for open innovation. Through its online platform, Edison Nation issues “Live Product Searches,” or specific queries for innovation, on behalf of leading U.S. retailers and manufacturers to help them secure outside, consumer-driven innovation. Each Live Product Search gives our community the chance to have their great product ideas considered for development by top companies. Partners such as Walmart, Amazon, Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Petsmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Colgate-Palmolive, Clorox and more rely on Edison Nation to identify new products, create and renew brands, and enhance their current product development strategies. As Edison Nation continues to successfully attract, evaluate, acquire and monetize inventors’ intellectual property assets, it is on track to become the trusted source for bringing consumer-driven innovation to the marketplace.

Job Description:

The Intellectual Property Sales and Licensing Manager will be primarily responsible for creating presentations of innovative product concepts and ideas, and presenting them to Edison Nation’s search sponsors. During these presentations (and when following up), he or she will display a thorough knowledge of each product idea or concept and present them in the best possible light to maximize the chances that search sponsors will select them for commercialization.

In selecting the concepts and ideas to be presented, the person chosen for this position must oversee and ensure an efficient, thorough and well-researched review process of all product concepts received through Edison Nation’s Live Product Searches. He or she will actively participate in the review, research, study and analysis of all submitted ideas and concepts. He or she will coordinate workflow, schedule, priorities and duties for the product review team and oversee multiple innovation searches. He or she will be the primary point of contact with search sponsors to coordinate presentation dates, travel arrangements and schedules, and follow through on closing licensing deals following presentations. He or she will be expected to understand and effectively communicate the details of Edison Nation’s lines of business in order to successfully sell repeat business to Edison Nation’s search sponsors.

Additional responsibilities and duties:

• Be primarily responsible for communications with search sponsors relating to status of closed searches and status of client relationship.
• Assist Account Managers in the definition and concept for each Live Product Search.
• Manage inventor expectations and communication for prototype and/or product information requests to expedite licensing process.
• Maintain knowledge and understanding of all legal contracts including Innovator Agreement, Innovator Assignment, Master Agreement, and Licensing Agreements.

Successful candidates will have the following:
• A bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, communications or related field
• Two-five years of experience in creating and making sales presentations to potential customers/clients
• Ability to lead a team and delegate crucial tasks
• Excellent verbal/written communication and presentation skills
• Ability to succeed with minimal daily direction
• Ability to close.

Ideal candidates will have the following characteristics:

• Experience with intellectual property licensing
• Experience pitching product ideas and concepts to potential licensees

Edison Nation is a Charlotte-based company that aggregates and licenses intellectual property primarily in the consumer products market. The Company has a unique business model that leverages a nationally-televised TV show, an internet community for innovators, and relationships with major retailers and manufacturers to identify innovative intellectual property and product concepts which are then licensed to manufacturers or retailers.

Interested Candidates:

Please submit a cover letter, and resume and a list of at least three professional references.

Aggressively pursuing candidates to fill position ASAP.

No Phone Calls or Email Inquiries Accepted.

Necessary Experience: 2+ to 5 Years
Contact: to view the full job listing please visit

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