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Counsel - Patent

Job Type: Full time
Company/Firm: Molecular Imprints Inc.
Location: Austin, Texas
Date posted: 11/18/10
Salary: Salary dependent on experience
Job Description:

Position Summary
Patent Attorney or Patent Agent to protect Intellectual Property created by Molecular Imprints, Inc. by drafting and prosecuting patent applications, and analyzing and developing the Molecular Imprints patent portfolio.

Essential Functions
1. Protect and prosecute inventions and related intellectual property matters related to semiconductors, lithography, and systems engineering.
2. Work with company engineers and scientists to identify patentable intellectual property assets and educate engineers and scientists on current patent practice related to U.S. and foreign law.
3. Obtain disclosures of inventions for preparation of patent applications, and prosecution of subsequent patent applications.
4. Oversee prosecution of foreign cases, and in particular, prosecution under the PCT. Correspond with foreign associates in regards to foreign application prosecution.
5. The vast majority of the IP responsibilities are patent-related primarily in the area of patent preparation and prosecution, and analysis and development of the patent portfolio. In addition there may be work on opinions, assessments, and contracts relevant to intellectual property issues within the company.
6. Responsible for reporting on the status of multiple dynamically-changing patent dockets.
7. Initiate and interpret patentability searches.
8. Filing and prosecution of trademark applications.


1. Bachelors Degree in technical field required; masters degree/law degree preferred
2. Patent attorney is preferred
3. Knowledge of semiconductors, lithography, and systems engineering is beneficial

At least 2+ years experience as patent agent or patent attorney

Necessary Experience: N/A
Contact: Contact:Laurie Hahn

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