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Patent Process – Noro IP Advantage

Patent Process Advantage

Noro IP provides patent and IP related services to help your inventions and ideas become a reality. Although you could bring your intellectual property to any other company, we offer a full range of IP services to cover every need you might have. We believe we offer quality services you won’t find anywhere else because of what we call, "The Noro IP Advantage."

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The Noro IP Advantage

  • Creativity
    While you might not immediately think creativity is an important quality in IP services, consider this: The more creative we are with our IP services, the more effectively we can communicate with our clients and continue to streamline our business model to keep prices low. It's a win-win situation.
  • Employees
    Since Noro IP was started by two former USPTO Examiners, you know that our consultants offer the most useful patent services. Our team of patent agents, engineers and product developers are highly skilled in diverse areas of technology and we have experience with clients across the globe.
  • Ethics
    Our organization is built on an ethical foundation in which we ensure that client information is confidential, we never miss deadlines, we communicate effectively with our clients and we always deliver what we promise.
  • Pricing
    Our clients pay a lower premium due to our creative virtual workplace business model. Our prices are fair, with no hidden charges and you still receive high quality patent help you expect.
  • Billing
    As opposed to hourly billing where inefficiencies could be rewarded with payment, we offer flat-fee billing. This allows our clients to pay the complete amount for our services upfront without any hassle.
  • Proprietary Search Methods and Quality Report Design
    Our proprietary Patent Comparison MatrixTM color-codes claims according to relevance and helps you identify competitive advantages. We know that each search needs to be closely examined, so we employ three quality checks. Each search is checked by the search agent, your patent liaison and a technical proofreader to ensure quality.
  • Client First
    At Noro IP, we know sharing our IP patent knowledge is important to the growth of our community. We provide an IP job directory, recruitment and staffing services, along with a News Blog to let the IP community share knowledge. All of our patent services are designed to reduce hassle with quick turnaround times, strict quality checks, easy on-line ordering and flat-fees clearly communicated. Experience the Noro IP patent process advantage by ordering our services or requesting a free, one hour consultation from our Patent Division today.