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Patent Search Services, Applications & Filing

Noro IP prides itself on listing all of our flat fees clearly online. There is no need to call for a quote and no additional taxes or fees added to our prices - the price you see listed below is the only price you will pay! In addition, we work in all fields of technology including electrical, business methods, life sciences, and more. See our full list of technical expertise areas.


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Patent Search Services
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Assignment Patent Search
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Patent Landscape Study
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Patent Application Preparation & Filing


Patent Application and Filing
(Provisional & Non-Provisional)

This patent service is delivered within 1 month.

A Patent Application is a complex legal document, best prepared by a registered patent attorney or agent to have the best chance of being granted a patent. Noro IP’s attorneys will comply with all the requirements of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We include up to four drawings so that your invention is clearly understood. 

Please note: Noro IP recommends a thorough Patentability (Novelty) Search of your invention before filing an application to save you considerable time and money.

$2,500 Provisional
$5,000 Non-Provisional


Patent Figures and Drawings

This patent service is delivered within 1 week.

Noro IP’s technical artists will draft patent figures and drawings that meet USPTO design unit standards so that your invention is clearly understood. We can create patent drawings from a sample, digital photo, prototypes, rough sketches, inventor disclosures and computer images.

$100 Each

Patent Searches and IP Research Services


Patentability (Prior Art) Search*

This patent service is delivered within 2 weeks.

Also called a Prior Art or Novelty Search, a Patentability Search is a cost-effective way to determine whether or not your invention will be granted a patent. Using the inventive specifications and disclosures, we search within the area of interest for both expired and unexpired patents and publications as well as patent related literature. The Standard Search includes only US patent documents. The Premium Search includes US and foreign documents as well as Noro IP's Patent Comparison MatrixTM which will help you analyze claims and identity competitive advantages.

$600 Standard Search
$1,200 Premium Search


Freedom to Operate Search*

This patent service is delivered within 2 weeks.

Also called Right to Use or Clearance Search (and sometimes referred to as Infringement Search), the Freedom to Operate Search identifies potential patent barriers to the commercialization of products or technologies. Noro IP will identify published applications and unexpired patents that could possibly indicate a risk of infringing upon an already disclosed invention, product or process. The Standard Search includes only US patent documents. The Premium Search includes US and foreign documents as well as Noro IP's Patent Comparison MatrixTM which will help you analyze claims and identity competitive advantages.

$600 Standard Search
$1,200 Premium Search


Validity Search*

This patent service is delivered within 2 weeks.

Also referred to as an Invalidity Search, a Validity Search is an exhaustive search that will assess whether the Patent Office issued the patent in error and will determine whether a patent will withstand attack in litigation. Our Validity Search provides an in-depth analysis of patent art that may be used to prove the validity or lack thereof of a patent already obtained. Clients provide the patent number and the claims of interest and we conduct an extensive search of US and foreign patents, publications and technical literature.

$1,500 (1-10 Claims)
$2,500 (11-20 Claims)
$3,500 (21+ Claims)


Infringement Search*

This patent service is delivered within 2 weeks.

Sometimes referred to as Freedom to Operate Search, our Infringement Search identifies other companies that are pursuing a patent for an inventive feature that our clients have “patent pending” or already have patented. Prior to conducting the search, Noro IP will work with you to establish the elements of the product that should be considered for infringement. We will identify relevant patents and corresponding claims that appear to infringe upon our client’s invention and could indicate opportunities for licensing negotiations.


Assignment Search

This patent service is delivered 2 weeks.

An assignee is the person(s), company, or entity that owns and controls all rights to a particular patent. Noro IP’s Assignment Search looks at all the patents, publications and technical literature that a particular assignee has invented or helped to invent and delivers the information to the client in a clear, concise report. This search can be as broad or narrow as necessary.


Licensing Search

This patent service is delivered within 2 weeks.

Our Licensing Search provides you with a list of potential licensees that may be interested in buying or licensing your invention. A license agreement should be drawn up only by a registered patent attorney and Noro IP can provide this service in conjunction with your licensing search as well.


Accelerated Examination Search (AES)**

This patent service is delivered within 3 weeks.

Also called Accelerated Exam, our Accelerated Examination Search (AES) offers pre-examination searches that comply with the recently enacted USPTO procedures for Accelerated Examinations. The new procedures allow the USPTO to advance an application out of turn for examination if the applicant files a grantable petition to “make special” under the accelerated examination program.



Examination Support Document (ESD)**

This patent service is delivered within 3 weeks (rush order done in 10 days or less).

Our Examination Support Document (ESD) provides a report that complies with USPTO requirements for applications with more than five independent claims or more than twenty-five total claims. If you choose to keep the application as is, Noro IP can provide you with a comprehensive ESD which meets all the requirements set forth by the USPTO.



Patent Landscape Study

This patent service can take up to a month or longer depending on how broad the scope of the study is.

Also called a Patent Landscape Analysis, a Patent Landscape Study consists of a highly detailed report and analysis of art, trends and possible directions of a client-specified field of technology. The report includes an in-depth analysis of the portfolios of key players in the technology field, which can greatly assist our clients in avoiding infringing upon current patents, provide an indication of research and development areas as well as possible licensing opportunities.

Start at $1,500


Patent Valuation Service

This patent service is delivered within 1 month.

Our Patent Valuation Service provides in-depth analysis as to the value your patent can provide throughout its remaining years of enforceability. Our team will look through relevant patent indexes, forward and back citations, possible licensing opportunities and the current technology in your patent’s sector.

Starts at $4,000

* Patentability Premium Searches, Freedom to Operate Premium Searches, Validity Searches and Infringement Searches include the following:

  • A search of US and foreign patent documents
  • A search of patent related literature, non-patent literature and various art specific publications, journals and databases
  • A copy of our patent specialist’s search history, which includes keywords used and classification areas search
  • A mapping of the identified reference features to the client’s provided inventive features
  • Noro IP’s Patent Comparison MatrixTM which will help you analyze claims and identify competitive advantages
  • PDF copies of all identified patent documents

**Accelerated Examination Searches (AES) and Examination Support Documents (ESD) include the following in order to comply with the rules set forth by the USPTO:

  • A classified search of the US patents and published patent applications in the Class and Subclass where the claimed invention is most likely to be classified in the current US Patent Classification System (USPC)
  • A text search of the US patents and published patent applications that covers the subject matter of the independent claims using terms recognized in the art given their broadest reasonable interpretation
  • A text search of foreign patent documents that includes the sources required under the PCT minimum documentation requirements
  • A text search of the suggested non-patent literature (NPL) resources from the current USPTO search templates
  • An identification of where each claim limitation in the patent application is found in the cited prior art reference
  • A detailed explanation of how each claim is patentable over the reference using relevancy interpretation
  • A showing of support for each claim limitation in the specification and any parent application, including any means-plus-function limitations
  • An identification of any cited references that may be disqualified as prior art under 35 U.S.C. 103(c)


 Patent File History and Certified File Wrappers

A patent file history or file wrapper contains all the documents, correspondence and information exchanged between the US Patent and Trademark office and the applicant. Noro IP delivers electronic file histories and certified file wrappers often the same day ordered. All our electronic patent file histories and certified file wrappers are: 
  • Sent as high qualitty Adobe PDF documents 
  • Have efficient tabs for quickly accessing a specific section of the file history
  • Are keyword searchable
  • Are easily emailed to clients, contacts or attorneys
  • Are delivered through a secured email link or through a private FTP folder

Noro IP can also deliver certified file wrappers and patent histories through paper or CD formats.

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Invention Prototype and Engineering Services


3D Concept Drawings

Drawings of your concept will be created in one of our sophisticated engineering systems. Drawings are 3 dimensional and can be rotated within final PDF files. This creates a foundation for moving forward with your concept. Prices range based on complexity.

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$599 - $1,199


3D Engineered Drawings

We will provide you with detailed, engineered, 3 dimensional drawings that will delineate materials selections and will check for stress and inference points. The drawings come in a format that can be sent to any manufacturer for production. Prices range based on complexity.

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$2,999 - $5,999


Rapid Prototypes

Your prototype, derived from 3 dimensional engineered drawings, will be created with FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technologies. We use a 3 dimensional plastic printer with the ability to create simple or complex parts in a single process.

Contact us to determine if your prototype qualifies as simple or complex.

$899 Simple
$1,499 Complex


Engineered Prototypes

Engineered prototypes require temporary molds, additional manufacturing steps and multiple materials to create a working model of the concept. Your Engineered Prototype will be developed by our lead engineer, who has 35 years of experience in product development and patent engineering. Prices range based on complexity.

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$3,999 - $17,999

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Design for Manufacture (DFM)

DFM is a process of engineering your product for mass production taking into consideration production costs, molds, materials, availability and marketability factors. The price of DFM varies according to materials used and complexity of the project.

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Technical Expertise Areas

The experts at Noro IP specialize in the following fields of technology:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Life Sciences
  • Business Methods
  • Communications
  • Computer & Information Sciences
  • Chemical & Biotechnology
  • and more!

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