Do you need to speed up your patent application? This pre-examination search will advance an application out of turn if the applicant files a petition to “make special.”
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Accelerated Examination Search (AES) | Patent Accelerated Examination Search Report

Quick Facts: Accelerated Examination Search (AES)

  • Purpose: to advance a patent application out of turn for examination by the USPTO
  • $3,000
  • Delivered in 3 weeks (rush orders done in 10 days or less) (pre-search only)
  • Searched by former USPTO Patent Examiners in the USA
  • Proprietary search methods produce the most thorough search reports
  • Non-Compete / Non-Disclosure Agreement ensures confidentiality
  • Search expertise in all areas of technology

Our Accelerated Examination Search (AES) offers pre-examination searches that comply with the recently enacted USPTO procedures for Accelerated Examinations. The new procedures allow the USPTO to advance an application out of turn for examination if the applicant files a grantable petition to “make special” under the accelerated examination program. A petition to “make an application special” may be exempt from USPTO fees if the basis for the petition is related to the applicant’s age or health or is deemed of importance to a particular branch of public service. Under the new rules, an applicant will be required to provide additional information with the petition for accelerated examination, and comply with revised procedures throughout the examination process.

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More Information: Accelerated Examination Search (AES)

Noro IP will provide our clients with an Accelerated Examination Search, which meets all the requirements set forth by the USPTO and will conduct our process in the following order:
     1) Pre-Search: This is an extended version of our Patentability Search. The Accelerated Examination Search Document contains the patent and non-patent literature search strategies and requires little modification prior to submission.
     2) Search Update: We strongly recommend an update to the initial search based on any changes made to the disclosure and claims. Keywords added to the application after the pre-search are routinely noted by the Examiner during review of the petition. We review the disclosure and search for any additional patents of note.
     3) Examiner Response: If necessary, we review the concerns expressed by the Examiner in review of the petition and modify the search accordingly, supplying a modified search report and new Accelerated Examination Search Document.

While the Pre-Search can be completed in 6 - 10 business days, the rest of the AES process is dependent upon the USPTO and our clients. Delivery times will vary but we will work to the best of our ability to deliver the AES in a timeframe that works with your needs.

All Accelerated Examination Searches undergo Noro IP’s thorough quality assurance checks before they are delivered to our clients.

Accelerated Examination Searches (AES) include the following at minimum in order to comply with the rules set forth by the USPTO:

  • A classified search of the US patents and published Patent Applications in the Class and Subclass where the claimed invention is most likely to be classified in the current US Patent Classification System (USPC)
  • A text search of the US patents and published Patent Applications that covers the subject matter of the independent claims using terms recognized in the art given their broadest reasonable interpretation
  • A text search of foreign patent documents that includes the sources required under the PCT minimum documentation requirements
  • A text search of the suggested non-patent literature (NPL) resources from the current USPTO search templates
  • An identification of where each claim limitation in the Patent Application is found in the cited prior art reference
  • A detailed explanation of how each claims is patentable over the reference using relevancy interpretation
  • A showing of support for each claim limitation in the specification and any parent application, including any means-plus-function limitations
  • An identification of any cited references that may be disqualified as prior art under 35 U.S.C. 103(c)


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