"There is no way we could have sold our patents without Noro IP's help. Thank you so much for helping us through a maze we thought we were trapped in!" - Confidential Patent Broker Client

Patent Broker Services

Patent Broker Services: Sell Your Patent Today

Noro IP's Patent Broker Services are used by everyone from small inventors to large companies to sell their patents through Noro IP's extensive network of patent purchasing entities. You can speak to one of our patent brokers by calling 1-800-605-6993.

Our team works on a patent sale contingency basis and in most cases no upfront fees are necessary. Each patent or patent portfolio is analyzed using Noro IP's proprietary methods and algorithms to determine the best sales price and best entities suited to purchasing the patent(s). Each portfolio is setup in an auction, fixed price or reserve price format allowing our team to customize and tailor each deal to our client's specifications. 

The Noro IP team is set apart from other firms in that we have contacts with a large array of patent purchasing entities, fortune 500 companies and patent licensing partners. over 100 purchasing partners are contacted within the first week of a new campaign. 

Our Patent Value Forecaster (PVF) software gives our team additional leverage in setting the highest successful sales price based on previous sales information, your patent portfolio strengths, current and future licensing opportunities, market trends and over 300 additional patent factors. 

Use our Patent Value Guideas an initial rough estimate of the value each patent in your portfolio. There are several factors which can increase or decrease the final sale price, but in our experience these ranges work in most cases.


Our team has worked on brokering deals for single patents sales, large portfolio sales, small value patents and multimillion dollar portfolios. Let our experts get your patents sold today!

Call us toll free at 1-800-605-6993 to speak confidentially with a patent broker today about your specific patent brokerage needs. Or email us at

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