Want to get a leg up on your research? Want to understand your competition better? Become an expert in the art, trends and directions of a specified field of technology with a Noro IP Patent Landscape Study.
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Quick Facts: Patent Landscape Study

  • Purpose: to gain an in-depth understanding of trends in a specified field of technology to assist in areas such as R&D efforts, competitive advantages or strategic planning
  • Prices start at $1,500
  • Generally delivered within one month (may take longer depending on how broad the scope of the study is)
  • Searched by former USPTO Patent Examiners in the USA
  • Proprietary search methods produce the most thorough search reports
  • Non-Compete / Non-Disclosure Agreement ensures confidentiality
  • Search expertise in all areas of technology


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More Information: Patent Landscape Study

A Patent Landscape Study consists of a highly detailed report and analysis of art, trends and possible directions of a client specified technology field of interest. The report includes an in-depth analysis of the portfolios of key players in the technology field, which can greatly assist our clients in avoiding infringing upon current patents, provide an indication of research and development areas as well as provide an indication of possible licensing opportunities.

All Patent Landscape Studies undergo Noro IP’s thorough quality assurance checks before they are delivered to our clients.


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start at $1,500 

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