“Our patent valuations have helped clients value their patents for licensing agreements, patent infringement cases, mergers and acquisitions, tax and estate planning, venture funding and IPOs.”

Patent Valuation | Patent Appraisal | Value of a Patent

Patent Valuation and Patent Appraisals: The Value of a Patent 

  • Purpose:  Patent Valuations, Patent Appraisals and our Patent Valuation Services are used to discover the value a patent can provide throughout its remaining years of enforcement.
  • Performed by a team of patent professionals which includes a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst.
  • Delivered in 1 Month. *Contact us for rush services
  • Validity and Invalidity research of the patent by former USPTO Patent Examiners and Patent Agents is performed to ensure the patent(s) will withstand litigation and competitors attempting to invalidate the patent. 
  • Proprietary methods, algorithms and software is used to produce the most thorough patent valuation reports.
  • Noro IP's Non-Compete / Non-Disclosure Agreement ensures confidentiality.
  • Patent Valuation expertise in all areas of technology.
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Our Patent Valuation Service provides in-depth analysis to determine the value your patent can provide throughout its remaining years of enforceability. Noro IP also performs patent valuations of pending patent applications, which can be useful for those looking to secure funding from venture capitalist and angels or for venture capitalist and angels who want to ensure the product they are funding has or will have market value. 

Our team will look through relevant patent indexes, forward and back citations, claim scope, possible licensing opportunities and the current technology in your patent’s sector to help determine the value of your patent. In total over 300 patent factors are examined while determining the current patent value during the patent appraisal process. 

Our patent valuation algorithms and software can use any of the 3 major patent valuation methodologies* (Income, Cost or Method). Our algorithms combine automated and hand calculation methods to ensure each patent has all factors looked at in a variety of fashions. 

*if necessary we can also use other patent valuation methods.

Patent Valuation, Patent Appraisal, Value of a Patent

During the patent valuation process a team of patent professionals which includes a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA) will perform an extensive validity/invalidity search of the patent(s) at hand to determine if the patent(s) will withstand litigation and competitor’s attempts at invalidating your patent.  

Ultimately the value our team applies to a patent is dependent upon: (1) the scope, validity and enforceability of a patent’s claims; (2) the technology to which the patent applies; and (3) reasonable royalties the patent can obtain. 

All Patent Valuations undergo Noro IP’s thorough quality assurance checks before they are delivered to our clients. 


“We wouldn’t have been able to move forward with our next round of funding without your patent portfolio valuation. Thanks so much for your help.” – Marion, CEO, Intellectual Property Unlimited 

 "Thank you all so much for your certified patent valuation. This patent appraisal will help us tremendously!" - Anne, CEO, Wind Turbine Startup

"This valuation is exactly what I needed but didn't know I needed. I definitely believe it will help me sell or license my patent." - Ken, Pontoon Boat Patent Holder


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