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Noro IP is currently developing two state-of-the-art patent search tools to provide the patent searching community with patent help for their original patent ideas. We develop our products in-house and our approach can be summed up with this phrase: "products for patent searchers, developed by patent searchers." We are currently accepting beta testers to test our patent database while our Patent PDF Downloader is currently fully operational. 

Patent PDF Downloader Noro IP’s Patent PDF Downloader downloads patents from all patents from the USPTO database. These patents include all US patents, US published patent applications and all secondary patent types (Design, Plant, Reissue, etc.). The downloader can accept up to 50 patents at a time to make bulk patent downloads more convenient. To download patents just go to our Patent PDF Downloader page. For large orders of 50+ patent PDFs contact us for a quote. 

Patent DatabaseNoro IP is currently in the early stages of developing a state of the art Patent Database. This database will include all traditional Boolean search terms as well as some advance search operators. To participate with the beta testing on this system please send an email to with the title “Patent Database Beta Tester”.

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