Research shows that today’s top candidates are attracted to jobs first, by salary and second, by the interactions they have during the hiring process.

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Staffing Agency and Legal Recruitment

Noro IP's Legal Recuitment and Staffing Agency department can save you time and money by finding the right Intellectual Property attorneys, paralegals, agents and directors in the following areas for your company. We specialize in professional placement in patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing work and other legal areas. No search is too small or too large. We will find executives, managers, administration staff or any other missing link on your team.

How We're Different

Typical legal recruitment and staffing agencies sift through thousands of resumes in the hopes of 'stumbling upon' the right man or woman to do the job. What sets us apart is our focus on off-resume performance indicators, our focus on interpersonal relationships, candidate retention potential, and one-to-one conversations with YOUR company and staff.

Research shows that today’s top candidates are attracted to jobs, first, by salary and secondly, by the interactions they have during the hiring process. Each step of the way is an opportunity to clench top candidates with the best possible experience, ensuring you get the best of the workforce over your competitors.

We believe each company has a different culture – one that may vary based on department or level. You won’t simply fill out one-size-fits-all worksheets. Instead, you will engage in meaningful, free-flowing conversations with your consultant about job requirements and also about company attributes and personal peer qualities. In this way, we make certain that the candidate is highly qualified but is also a good fit with your company culture, which is the best way to boost retention rates and make the hiring process a more rewarding experience for all parties. Remember, interpersonal relationships are an important part of recruiting top talent!

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More About the Noro IP Legal Recruitment and Legal Staffing Process

The following five major components of Noro IP's process can be customized depending on your particular needs.

1) Consultation 
We’ll begin by gathering information on the job requirements, understanding the client`s culture and management style. We can create or help you create precise job descriptions that make the process more efficient. We offer discreet search services to protect your company's confidentiality if needed.

2) Searching
Each search starts in our internal candidate database. We also identify candidates through defined sources, internet recruitment, field contacts and indirect and direct searches. National background checks are routinely provided for our client companies, when a candidate is identified.*

*Optional: Verification of education and employment history can also be provided upon request. Personality profiling, thinking, behavior and personality traits testing are also available upon request, eliminating the hassle of testing for our clients.

Our IP Professional Recruitment services will find the next superstar for your staff

3) Conversation
We set up a phone interview first and based on that conversation, you can make your decision on whether or not to interview the candidate. We work very quickly when the process reaches this stage so as to NOT lose candidates to your competition. Timing is everything in this process! We can perform final interviews for all candidates, ensuring a personalized recommendation for your company, or we can turn over all the documents and leave everything up to your discretion.

4) Evaluation
We are proud of placing the right candidate the first time. In some cases you may prefer a candidate because of his/her personality or charisma, regardless of the work ability. In other cases, you are faced with two equally qualified candidates. We can walk you through our easy evaluation process to ensure you choose the most qualified candidate. As with everything in the process, these are only suggestions which we feel may assist you. The final decisions are up to you!

5) Finalizing
Our experience has taught us that candidates are most impressed by receiving an offer in person or by phone. Your company will have a better chance to solidify the deal if the candidate has a chance to ask questions to better understand a compensation package and it improves that personal relationship we’ve been building on the entire process. We can handle the acceptance negotiations and start date for you upon request. Just let us know what you prefer!


Legal Recruitment and Legal Staffing Prices


15% of the employee’s first year salary plus sign-on bonus
15% of a reasonable estimate of the first year’s compensation

Noro IP only charges a $1000 initial retainer with the
remaining balance due once a our list of candidates is delivered.


Before initiating a legal staffing or legal recruitment service, we encourage you to discuss your needs with one of our staffing specialists.

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